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IPRHD——Focus on the intellectual property rights to promote innovation.

IPRHD is one focus engaged in domestic and international intellectual property agency business legal service agencies.

IPRHD by a group of professionals engaged in the work of intellectual property agency from all over the world for a long time, business related to trademarks, patents, copyright, layout-designs of integrated circuits, new varieties of plants, domain names, intellectual property infringement investigation, administrative protection of intellectual property rights, customs protection of intellectual property rights, intellectual property litigation, patent document translation and legal documents and other related services.

IPRHD actively advocating professional dedication consciousness and team spirit, committed to the international first-class level to the Chinese and foreign clients to provide the best quality service. Company is representative of many companies, including many of the world top companies in China and abroad is dealt with a lot of infringement of intellectual property application and transaction, and deal with a series of intellectual property right and tort disputes.